Established in 1972, CHR is a charitable organisation staffed entirely from volunteers. Our membership encompasses all ages and occupations. The one aim however, is to provide an entertaining and professional broadcasting service to our listeners.

Chichester Hospital Radio was officially opened by the then Chichester Member of Parliament, 
Christopher Chataway, on Friday 22nd September 1972 from a converted storeroom in the hospital, after just 3 years in 1975, it moved to the current studios next to the West Ward block in a building that was previously used as a pram store! The studio was officially opened by Leslie Crowther. The new location consists of a large main studio, a second smaller studio and a library area which is home to a multitude of tracks on a mixture of CD and vinyl. 

May 2000 marked the launch of the 1431 AM service around the hospital grounds allowing CHR to be heard not only on the nurse call systems at the bedside but on bedside radios for improved convenience.

In 2012, CHR expanded it's broadcasting to include the Donald Wilson House rehabilitation facility.
Chichester Hospital Radio is a truly local radio service. Situated on the St. Richard's campus, our presenters regularly interact with listeners before, during and after programmes. As a result, 
we are ever mindful of the listening needs of our audience. Recognising that listener needs change when one is unwell or hospitalised, CHR focuses on the middle ground of easy listening music. This covers a wide variety of relaxing styles. However, we are fortunate to have on our team several musical experts who present specialist programmes such as jazz, country; light orchestral, folk music and adult orientated rock. A good mix of speech driven material featuring classic comedy, local news, magazine features, documentaries, dramas, poetry and stories balances these shows. There is also news from around the hospital featuring some of the many other voluntary organisations, additional health care information and non-denominational religious broadcasts too.

CHR broadcasts include a nightly Patient Request Programme - "The Listener's Choice" - a service that no other broadcaster provides. Many patients have told CHR how thrilled they were to hear their request played on the air, and how much better they felt as a result.

The broadcasting facilities have been enhanced over the years to enable broadcasting on medium wave radio, (1431AM), and to create a second studio within the existing premises. CHR now broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

CHR is a registered charity, and is staffed entirely by volunteers, who visit the patients, collect requests, maintain the equipment, and manage the sound library, and present programmes on-air. They also stage Outside Broadcasts from local galas, garden centres, supermarkets etc.. CHR is run by a 'Council' of 'Representatives', who each have responsibilities for different aspects of providing the radio service.

It's time to SMILE!!  CHR publishes a magazine of information and entertainment, called SMILE.

In this free magazine, you can find out lots more about CHR, information about St. Richard's and its facilities for patients and visitors, and there’s a couple of quizzes, too.  There’s even some poems.  If you think you’d enjoy some very old jokes, we’ve included some of those as well.  There are interesting articles on some of the other voluntary organisations associated with St. Richard’s.  If you’re in hospital, you can get a copy of the magazine from one of our Ward Visitors.  You can also read it online by following this link: