John Ross-Barnard at the microphone, holding his personal copy of "Test Card Grooves" whilst recording some voice-overs at The Audio Suite in Birmingham recently for a new international radio station broadcasting from Bergen in Norway. John was a BBC continuity announcer in the 1960s, and would often be heard proclaiming "Now we return to the Test Card and music", during the days when fewer programmes were broadcast during the day. We're sure the new CHR vinyl will bring back many memories to John of the music played on the test card.

Photo courtesy of Neil Hillman


Mozart Edition (GB) Ltd was founded in the late 1950s by music publishers Joe Cohen from London and Dr. Gustav Zagler from Vienna, with their first office in Sherlock Mews, Baker Street, London. Joe ran the company from the start, engaging many renowned British composers and arrangers, mainly in the light orchestral field, to publish their works with Mozart Edition. Other composers and arrangers soon followed from many parts of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, augmenting the catalogue of music to over 3000 tracks. This new CD includes 24 recordings from the vaults of the Mozart Edition library, many of which are either new, or in stereo for the first time. 

Proceeds from the sale of this CD go to support Chichester Hospital Radio.




  1   MERRY-GO-ROUND WALTZ     Alan Perry                        The Perry/Gardner Orchestra conducted by Alan Perry   2:12
  2   LOVELY LIPS              Hans Wolf-Kraus                   Jack Wolfe and his Music                              2:35
  3   ON THE SMOOTH SIDE       Frank Chacksfield                 Antony Wood and his Orchestra                         2:25
  4   EL REMENDADO             Maurice van de Valle              Armand Bernard and his Orchestra                      2:25
  5   MISS ANNA                Louis Rey                         Detlef Rath and his Orchestra                         2:51
  6   SAY IT WITH FLOWERS      Ralf Heninger                     Antony Wood and his Orchestra                         3:22
  7   HIGHLAND HOLIDAY         Ralf Heninger                     Antony Wood and his Orchestra                         2:33
  8   OFF THE CUFF             Paul Fenhoulet                    Walt Peters and his Orchestra                         2:36
  9   SANTIAGO DE CHILE        Rudolf Maluck                     Orchestra Tropicana conducted by Lou Whiteson         4:26
  10  LITTLE CLAUDIA           Carlos Diernhammer                Jack Wolfe and his Music                              1:59
  11  IRISH IMP                William Gardner                   Antony Wood and his Orchestra                         1:59
  12  PHILOMENA                Hans Wolf-Kraus / Lothar Nakat    Jack Wolfe and his Music                              2:31
  13  ON TWO CHORDS            Armand Bernard                    Armand Bernard and his Orchestra                      2:23
  14  SERENADE FOR LOVERS      Ralf Heninger                     Detlef Rath and his Orchestra                         2:15
  15  ALPINE STROLL            Louis Rey                         Antony Wood and his Orchestra                         2:45
  16  STRANGER IN THE NIGHT    Peter Thomas                      Peter Thomas and his Band                             2:23
  17  FUNNY HONEY              Carlos Diernhammer                Jack Wolfe and his Music                              2:22
  18  TWILIGHT DREAMS          Albert Delroy                     Walt Peters and his Orchestra                         4:06
  19  JACKY’S WALTZ            Hans Wolf-Kraus                   Jack Wolfe and his Music                              1:39
  20  MAKIN’ HAY               Richard Toeman                    Walt Peters and his Orchestra                         3:19
  21  GOING STEADY             Conny Augustin                    Orchestra Raphaele conducted by Peter Walden          2:32
  22  SOFTLY SWAYING           Harry Essex                       Antony Wood and his Orchestra                         3:00
  23  BLUE BLAZER              Ralf Heninger                     Werner Eisbrenner and his Orchestra                   1:56
  24  BOMBA                    Luis Gomez                        Orchestra Tropicana conducted by Lou Whiteson         2:12

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