Malcolm Gray
is the current CHR chairman and head presenter on the Wednesday night TLC, being a past roadshow DJ and current show host and compere helps him to add personality to his show and make the listeners smile!!
Pete Crew
Long standing Head of Programming and CHR Council member. Pete is the hive of all music knowledge as has a wealth of radio experience working for a variety of different stations both past and present. A valuable asset to CHR.
Jane Gray
is Malcolm's better half who sometimes drops in to co-present on a Wednesday, just to keep an eye on him and quality control his work!
Rob Roxy 
Rob is the Council member for Technical matters and Current Studio Manager. He is an experienced broadcaster and actor and can be found in the TLC Request programme teams on Thursday and Friday.  Rob also put together and starred-in the 2010 CHR Panto "Aladdin". 


John Barrett 
John is the anchor
man  on Tuesday’s TLC show 
bringing decades of musical
knowledge and experience to match his genial approach to ward-visiting and request gathering. John is a former Chairman and held positions on CHR's Council.
Ken Hobbs
Ken and various friends put out a monthly hour of live comedy and music from 1974 until 1987, when Ken’s

job got in the way. Ken rejoined in 2003 doing the Friday TLC and outside broadcasts. When it comes to knowledge and interest in Folk Music, you will have to go a long way to find a better presenter on Folk for All,

each week on Thursday at 6.
Currently Council representative for Finance.

Chris Blake Another CHR who must be notching up nearly two  decades of dedicated broadcasting at St Richards whether Chris is Drifting and Dreaming or starring in his own peerless  Blake’s About documentary series.  Chris is  Council Rep. for External Affairs, so see him about at Outside
Steve Freegard
Steve has just returned to the microphone at CHR, following a well deserved sabbatical after he had redesigned and rebuilt the OASIS studio, and he can be heard on Friday evenings, standing in for Rob Roxy in the TLC show.

Pete Edgeler

Pete's voice can be heard at CHR on the twice-at-weekend’s Treble Top

Show and often standing in for the occasional holidaying TLC presenter.  He is a former Treasurer and brings a lot of experience and music knowledge to CHR.


Colin Jenner

Colin is CHR’s longest-serving broadcaster. In fact some people believe the CHR studio was built around him as it was an old pram-store and Colin may well have been broadcasting from his pram at St Richards in the early 70’s!  Colin has held many positions over the years, including Chair.

Louisa Gibbons
occasionally drops in on Friday's TLC request shows to ensure that we are stillplaying the right quota of ABBA tracks! If there's a panto or production to be created for CHR she will turn up as if by magic!
Ken Knight
A member of CHR from it's start in 1972, Ken is Vice President of Chichester Hospital Radio and produces  the live and pre-recorded non-denominational Christian programme, O.A.S.I.S, that is broadcast on a Sunday evening and throughout the week. He also had the honour of re-opening CHR's second studio, re-named as the OASIS studio in recognition of his contribution to broadcasting. A much loved personality of CHR!
Martin Vick
If you can’t sleep on a Thursday evening,  and sometimes Fridays, Martin’s your man to assist with the best selection of popular lulabies from the CHR library and his own collection – sometimes on good old vinyl.
Graham Maker

Possibly our most literate presenter, being a Scrabble champion and crossword expert, Graham turns his mind to all things stage and screen, presenting That’s Entertainment on a Saturday afternoon

Edward Couzens-Lake
Head presenter of the Thurs night TLC show with A wealth of experience in local BBC radio, writer and author, Ed is a valuable asset to CHR

Richard Webster

An old hand who's strayed back into the fold to present Saturday's

Breakfast Show.


Rob Chalmers

Rob enjoys being a member of the Wednesday night  TLC team and brings musical knowledge  from 'Barbershop' to 'Beethoven' with a whole range in between.
Sarah Laing

Sarah has been CHR’s ward visiting coordinator  and co-presenter on Sunday evening's TLC. She's currently awaiting an opportunity to return to the air. 

 Alan Broadhurst

Another valued member of the OASIS team, Alan has also been active in CHR for over more than three decades and his quiet approach to radio brings balance at the end of a hectic CHR day.

Mike Knight

There are very few popular music genres that Mike isn’t expert on - you may well find this out when you hear him getting the weekend going on a Saturday morning on CHR.

Sue Millward
After returning to the fold after a number of years, Sue is  Membership Secretary and a valuable asset to the Council

Steve Wills
Professional radio presenter and head presenter of the Tues night TLC show.

Gabriel Ludlow

When (Special) Constabulary duties are done, and when away from the motorsports circuit, Gabriel leads the Monday TLC team. 


 Jill Irwin
A member of the Tues night TLC show.

 Tom Howard
Tom's weird facts and funny stories enliven the Thursday TLC request show.
 Steph Willkins


Bill Keeble
Co-presenter on Friday night's Listeners Choice programme. He is also known as the "Super Wrinkly"!