Chichester Hospital Radio has been serving the patients, staff and visitors to St. Richard's Hospital, in Chichester, West Sussex, since 1972.  We celebrated our 40th year on the 22nd of September, 2012!  If you're a past member, or know someone who was, please get in touch with us (see the Contact Us page). 

CHR broadcasts a range of informative and entertaining programmes, including a nightly Patient Request Programme - a service that no other broadcaster provides. Many patients have told CHR how thrilled they were to hear their request played on the air, and how much better they felt as a result - "it got me through it" was how one ex-patient put it. 

CHR was founded in 1972 and began operations from a broom cupboard. Before long, a disused pram store was converted by volunteers into a studio, which is still being used today. The broadcasting facilities have been enhanced over the years to enable broadcasting on medium wave radio, (1431AM), and to create a second studio within the existing premises. 

CHR now broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

CHR is a registered charity, and is staffed entirely by volunteers, who visit the patients, collect requests, maintain the equipment, manage the sound library, run the organisation and, of course, present programmes on-air. If you'd like to help us, by donating money or sponsoring a programme, please see the Contact Us page.  If you're thinking of joining us, see the Join Us page.  We look forward to hearing from you, in either case.

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Back in the early days of British television there were very few daytime programmes being broadcast. To fill the gap, a test pattern, or test card, would appear on the screen whilst at the same time playing some marvellous music. This album contains a fine selection of some of those instrumental recordings. here to view our new CD for sale "Have Themes Will Travel". An eclectic mix of 30 classical TV themes, from Gardiner's World to Route 66!

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