You can listen live to Chichester Hospital Radio in the following ways


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On your smartphone, tablet or PC and most internet connected devices, you can also use one of the following services:

In the hospital


Many wards are now fitted with Hospicom terminals which provide Radio, TV, Telephone, Internet and information services.  Some of the services are free, but you will need to purchase a prepaid card from one of the machines that are fitted around the hospital. 

Radio Services

  • Up to 5 FREE radio channels, including Chichester Hospital Radio, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live, and Classic FM.
  • Patients can listen to the radio by simply selecting the "Listen to the Radio" facility on the Hospicom bedside terminal
  • FREE Talking Books for the visually impaired
  • Personal Talking Books service offered
  • Jukebox facility for additional listening pleasure

Telephone Services

  • A personal bedside telephone for every inpatient bed to make and receive telephone calls
  • Each telephone has a personal unique Direct Dial-In (DDI) number that can be contacted from anywhere in the world
  • No phone will ring more than five times without answer
  • Personal voicemail for all patients
  • Barring periods can be set for each individual bed, bay, ward specialty and/or site
  • Do not Disturb facility
TV Services
  • Standard 15 channel TV package
  • All Terrestrial TV Channels & 10 Satellite Channels of your choice
  • Pay-per-day film channels with personal pay-films to suit individual choice including latest release films
  • Free Lunchtime TV viewing for all beds
  • A selection of free TV channels in all children's wards
  • Barring Facilities for all channel viewing
Internet/e-mail Services
  • All bedside terminals offer access to menu driven Internet services
  • Full network security
  • Access to up to 6 ISPs for e-mail retrieval on-screen
  • Separate fax/modem connection for laptops/PC's
  • On-screen QWERTY keyboard.

Nurse Call System

Each bed has a communications handset to enable you to call a nurse, switch on your light and tune into your favourite radio station.

A set of headphones is provided for personal comfort and the blue Channel Select button should be pressed to reach your chosen channel. Likewise the green button can be pressed to select the desired volume level.

 Channel Station Channel Station
 1 (not used) 7 Classic FM
 2 (not used) 8 Spirit FM
 3 (not used) 9 Capital Gold
 4 (not used) 10 BBC Radio 4
 5 BBC Radio 1  11 Chichester Hospital Radio
 6 BBC Radio 2 12 BBC Radio 5 Live

Around the hospital campus

You can find us on 1431 AM (Medium Wave)