To mark our 50th anniversary year of broadcasting at St. Richard's Hospital, Chichester Hospital Radio has a brand new set of sung jingles. I was delighted to be assigned the task of co-ordinating their production.

This jingle package is a collection of short songs and tunes that reflect and complement the diversity of both our speech and music output. So you'll hear jingles in a variety of music styles such as Big Band, Rock 'n' Roll and many others from the music decades.

The sung jingles were recorded in Manchester at the studios of specialists S2 Blue, featuring a group of talented session singers who have created a distinctive vocal sound for our station. The music tracks themselves being created by Jam Creative Productions in Dallas, Texas. If you're a patient in the hospital, these catchy little gems will help you to know that you are listening to your very own bedside entertainment service, Chichester Hospital Radio, whenever you switch us on!

Many of the spoken jingles or voice-overs you'll hear whilst listening to CHR have been recorded by the legendary radio announcer, Alan Dedicoat. For many years Alan read the news on Radio 2, and was a regular participant on Terry Wogan's breakfast show. He is also known for revealing the National Lottery numbers on Saturday evening from where he has been dubbed "The Voice of the Balls" and of course for all his announcements on Strictly Come Dancing.

Alan Dedicoat

Jannette Monroe and Sarah Doggett

Lee Turner and Steve Butler

Sarah Doggett, Lee Turner and Steve Butler

Stephen Bayliss

Hayley-Ria Christian

Listen to a montage of the new CHR jingles here:

CHR JIngle Package 2022 Montage.mp3

Simon Prentice - Managing Director, S2Blue

Jake Common, - Production Co-Ordinator, S2Blue

‘It was such a pleasure to work on the new CHR jingle package. Once we saw the list of cuts/jingles chosen we could tell this was going to be special – it was like a hand picked selection of the best jingles produced by the World Famous JAM Creative Productions. Due to the size and complexity of the package, we had to have several vocal sessions, with groups, soloists and specialist singers involved. The S2Blue production team really came together and pulled it out of the hat to ensure it sounded the best it possibly could. From Jake Common looking Co-Ordinating everything and our vocal arranger and lead boy singer Steve Butler, to lead girl singer Sarah Doggett, Mike Dentith, the producer and the rest of team. We’re immensely proud of what has been produced and wish CHR all the luck using the package’.

Simon Prentice, Managing Director of S2Blue