Your Presenters

Put a face to the voice! These are our wonderful volunteers that keep us on air 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Go to the Join Us page if you would like to join this rogues gallery!

Committee members in bold.

Celia Askwith


Sara Alliss

Caroline Aston

Monday TLC

Brian Baker

Thursday TLC

John Barrett

Presenter and Fundraiser

Henry Beltran

Wednesday TLC

Chris Blake

Blake's About

Alan Broadhurst


Rob Chalmers

Edward Couzens-Lake

Pete Crew

Head of Programming

Jenny Dean


Olly Dow

Pete Edgeler

America's Greatest Hits& Treasurer

Kim Edian

Friday TLC

Ralph Foster

Friday TLC

Roz Frampton

Tuesday TLC

Steve Freegard

Sunday TLC &Membership Secretary

Louisa Gibbons

Sam Goldthorpe

Thursday TLC

Jane Gray

Malcolm Gray

Wednesday TLC& Chair

John Harcourt Kelly

Afternoon Delight

Abi Hemsley


Josey Hilton

Thursday TLC

Ken Hobbs

Folk For All

Barbara Howden Richards

Internal Liaison

Jill Irwin

Tuesday TLC

Colin Jenner

Saturday Breakfast Show

Jacqui Johnstone

Monday TLC

Bill Keeble

Friday TLC

Pamela Kemp

Alex Last

Monday TLC & External Liaison

Rob Linzell

Monday Madness

Graham Maker

That's Entertainment

Jennie M

External Liaison

Kate Michell

Wednesday TLC& Administrator

Sue Millward


Andrew Newman


Rob Roxy

Friday TLC& Head of Studio

Malcolm Shepherd

Monday TLC

Chris Short

Tuesday TLC

Georgia Stephens

Monday TLC

James Stodd

Kevin Stone

Thursday TLC

Derek Tansill

Simone Talfourd

Wednesday TLC

Martin Vick

Drifting and Dreaming

Steven Wills

Tuesday TLC